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Emily's Favorite Things

I love to shop. As far as I can figure, it fulfills that ancient hunter gatherer instinct. But perhaps even more than the actual shopping, I love to share what I find. Many an awkward moment have ensued when someone bestows a (most likely off-hand) complement, and I respond with a diatribe explaining its providence and what a great deal it was.

"Oh! This scarf?! Well, I love it, too! It was made by a local gal who gives all her proceeds to advocate for education and counseling around miscarriage and stillbirth."

Oh geez. Over share much? Convo over.

I also love to share my shopping finds by gifting. Birthdays, Holidays, or just because. Presents are always a good idea in my book. Nothing fills by soul like filling a gift basket.

And unlike making polite, appropriate, and reciprocal conversation, I believe that I am quite skilled at gift giving. So here are some of my favorite gifts that I have found over the last year. Some I gave to loved ones, and some I gifted right back to myself.



The Gurgle Pot

Gurgle pots are the perfect balance of fun and functional.

They are available in a variety of colors so whether you it want to be matchy-matchy with your dinnerware, or you want it to stand out with a fun pop of color, you are set.

But, here is the best part, when pouring a glass of water from a full Gurgle Pot, they make a glub and bubble sound that delights kids and grownups alike!

I like supporting my local kitchen store, and they will even ship it to you. Just click the link below.


The Cockroach Clip

Okay, so they aren't actually clips, and definitely not cockroaches, so don't let their name fool you. Unlike the creepy, crawly critters, you NEED these in your life.

With the holding power of a claw clip, and the discreteness of a bobby pin, these are my go-to hair accessory. They work well whether my hair has decided to be curly or strait. And the price is very nice.

I have seen them marketed on insta, but you can find them for a fraction of the price on Amazon or other retailers.


'Stuff I want to Manifest' Card + Charm

I found this line of inspirational cards on a recent visit to scenic Palisade, Colorado. The quaint town is famous for its peaches and the annual Peach Festival. But it deserves recognition for it's art community and the darling little shops that don the downtown. These cards, placed strategically by the checkout, caught by eye and captured my heart. Each has a beautiful illustration, an encouraging affirmation, and a sweet little charm. So many cute cards + charms to choose from!

I snatched up the "more pizza in my life" card + charm, and resisted (with great difficulty) the urge to take them all home. Lo and behold, we ate a delicious dinner at Hot Tomato Pizza in nearby Fruita. The next morning found the perfect thing to bring home to my daughter...a slab of Chocolate shaped like a piece of pizza. Pizza manifestation at it's finest!

When it comes to these cards, there are so many designs to choose from, you are sure to find just the right one to stuff in a greeting card, give as party favors, slip into gift basket, or stuff in a stocking.


Composition Notebook ipad Case

Not only is this case a playful throwback, but it is also incredibly functional. It boasts a sturdy design, a handle, a stand, an elastic closure strap, an outside pocket, and a holder for your apple pencil. The case looks so much like a classic notebook, it could be considered anti-theft camouflage.


No. 2 Apple Pencil Wrap

Your ipad has a new disguise, and we don't want your Apple Pencil feeling left out, now do we? And what would go better with an iconic composition notebook, than a classic yellow No. 2 pencil!?

I found mine at Decal Girl and just love the nostalgic feeling I get when taking notes or drawing.


The Perfect Top Coat

It does exist.

Quick drying with no lamp or light. Rock solid for a couple of weeks.

Need I say more?


Note: None of these links are affiliate links. I do not earn a commission or kickback on any of these items. They are products I actually buy and use, and I just want to share the love with you.

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